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Safe-to-use products

Customer self-pickup

Discreet delivery

Secure & discreet payment

Specially Curated

No Obscenity/Nudity On Packaging

Keep Calm and Shop Privately

We understand how important privacy is when it comes to purchasing intimate products. At atease, we guarantee 100% discreet shipping with no brand or product name mentioned on the package. Even your bank statement won't read "atease".




Highly recommend it
It’s so nice buying a massager..the packaging is so good and easy on the eyes.


Amazing Delivery!!
So quietly delivered that I forgot that I'd ordered it. I loved the easy experience I had.


So happy to find a platform like this in India. I ordered a massager and was left in awe of its quality and design.


Really good!
This was my first such purchase and I was nervous to buy it. No more!


Very discreet indeed
I love that they do a discreet delivery. It made it easier for me to order it.

Safe & healthy expression of intimacy & wellness

Safe & healthy expression of intimacy & wellness

Safe & healthy expression of intimacy & wellness

Safe & healthy expression of intimacy & wellness

Safe & healthy expression of intimacy & wellness

Safe & healthy expression of intimacy & wellness

Safe & healthy expression of intimacy & wellness

Rediscover Yourself And Rekindle Your Passion With atease!

Welcome to the world of refined sensuality! At atease, we believe that intimacy is not just a desire, but a vital necessity for your overall well-being. Our mission is to help you indulge in the art of intimacy with elegance and sophistication, empowering you to embrace your sensuality in a way that enriches your life.

Through our meticulously crafted sexual wellness products and thoughtful resources, we aim to provide you with a complete sensory experience that harmonises your body, mind, and soul. Whether you are a man or a woman, as a sexual wellness brand, we strive to help you achieve the perfect balance between self-care and sensual exploration!

In addition to self-exploration with our sexual wellness products, we also help you to deepen your connection and enhance intimacy with your partners in a safe and respectful way!

Experience The Ultimate Sensual Bliss With Premium Sexual Wellness Products

Explore our collection of international standards for body-safe sexual wellness products for men, women, and couples! Our extensive range includes a diverse selection of pleasure toys, each carefully crafted to deliver one-of-a-kind sensory experiences.

From strokers to massagers, we have got you covered! With uncompromising quality and safety standards, we ensure that every product brings you ultimate satisfaction.

So, why wait when a world of new possibilities awaits?

Unleash your desires and reignite the flames of passion by conveniently purchasing exceptional sexual wellness products online at atease!

Unveiling The Profound Benefits Of Sexual Wellness Products

There has been a noticeable increase in the demand for pleasure toys, driven by the growing awareness of sexual health and its impact on overall well-being. The use of sexual wellness toys is no longer considered taboo; instead, it is recognised for its significant benefits. These benefits encompass enhanced sexual satisfaction, heightened intimacy between partners, and a reduction in stress and anxiety levels. However, it is crucial to prioritise safety when using sex toys by opting for high-quality products from reputable sources.

Why Choose atease For Getting Sexual Wellness Products Online?

When it comes to sexual wellness products, there is one brand that stands out from the rest: atease! At atease, you'll find an extensive collection of international standards and body-safe pleasure toys that cater to all preferences and desires. Whether you're exploring your passions alone or looking to enhance your experiences with a partner, atease has you covered.

Furthermore, discreet delivery is a crucial aspect when it comes to purchasing pleasure toys. atease understands the importance of privacy and is committed to providing discreet delivery of sexual wellness toys to its customers.

Our discreet delivery policy guarantees that your purchase remains confidential, even from nosy neighbours and curious eyes. All orders are shipped in plain, unmarked packages to maintain the confidentiality of your purchase.

We use a reliable courier service to ensure timely delivery and discreet packaging. atease is dedicated to providing a safe and secure shopping experience for customers with complete discretion in all aspects of the buying process.


1. Are Sexual Wellness Products Safe?

Ans: Yes, sexual wellness products are absolutely safe to use. When choosing these products, it is important to make reliable choices and opt for reputable brands like atease. At atease, all pleasure toys are made with body-safe silicone material, which is a high-quality and non-toxic material specifically designed for intimate use.

2. What Does Sexual Wellness Include?

Ans: Sexual wellness encompasses various aspects of physical, mental, and emotional well-being related to an individual's sexual life. It includes having a positive and respectful attitude towards sexuality, engaging in consensual and satisfying sexual experiences, and taking care of one's sexual health. Sexual wellness also involves understanding and embracing one's sexual identity, practising safe sex, and seeking appropriate medical care and support when needed. Overall, sexual wellness promotes a healthy and fulfilling sexual life that contributes to overall well-being and happiness.