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Sounds That Have A Pleasing Effect

It's time we indulged in the "I live for myself" aural kink

In the most hectic lives that people are living in today's world, the concept of "self-love" or "self-care" has become a buzzword. It is losing its dignity as the noise of the world surrounds mankind. This is creating a situation that is full of stress, pressure, and tightness.

Ignoring ourselves, making excuses, and forgetting to care about our moods, our likes, and our dislikes has become the new normal!

To find an experiential revenge for the tightness of this world, here are the simple things that could help find the perfect path to self-love.

Embark On The Self-Love Journey

Loving oneself is an essential part of living

Getting lost in the noise of the world? Craving to hear the silence? And in that silence, doesn’t one want to hear the sweet tune of self-love that will refurbish our relationships with ourselves and our bodies?  

Here’s how one could realise this sweet yet supposedly distant dream!

In the midst of a hectic schedule, it is common to forget to listen to our bodies, both physically and mentally. But taking out time to nurture oneself by acknowledging the need to spend moments of joy is of the utmost importance. Prioritising and practising self-care through simple acts of kindness, such as appreciating our self-love practises and making "me time," are some simple yet powerful ways of saying "I love you" without saying it.  

The first and most important self-care practise is to start the day by pampering oneself with the ultimate luxury of today: silence.  

Silence speaks for itself  

 When one has the luxury of silence, they get to hear what nobody else has access to, and that is the voice of their inner selves. And the inner selves just have the agenda of transcending them into a world where they never fall short of self-love and self-care.

How to explore self-love in silence?

Silence is just the medium to separate the noises of the world that disrupt one’s inner peace from the noises that make people know themselves better. The magic of making a stronger connection with oneself can be achieved when one gets away from the noises of the world and enters the zone of silence.  

The journey beyond silence starts with a focus on sound desires. These voice kinks not just sound sweet but also feel that way. As one’s soul undergoes a play of being in a state of tranquility and then ultimately surrenders to calm, which is the highest point in the long journey of self-love. 

Want to feel the ultimate soulful experience?

If someone wants to take their soul to a tranquil state and then achieve calm like never before, then auralism is the way.

Auralism -

When compared to voyeurism, auralism is the voice fetish, which is described as the fervour or excitement brought on by sound. This sound could be auralism music, a voice, or some other sound. Along with other voice fetishes, it might be a little extra switch in some situations or a necessary component of kinks in others.

A powerful tool for the flow of creativity, silence allows the person to tap into their innermost thoughts and ideas, helps them to focus, enables them to explore their imaginations, and tap into the wisdom of their subconscious. Auralism proceeds from this stage, when silence has completed half the job. Auralism is the practice of using sound to gain knowledge of oneself. It's like having their own personal soundtrack to life, with each note providing a clue to a greater understanding of yourself.

So why not give auralism a try? Who knows? We might just discover something new about ourselves and the world around us.

Try auralism music

Let’s begin our self-love journey by nurturing ourselves with immense pleasure and happiness through auralism.

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